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Blueberries for Growers, Gardeners, and Promoters.

Blueberry Culture (Paul Eck and N.F. Childers) is still the "bible" on basic culture. This new edition (published in 2006) has been long-awaited by growers worldwide. Edited by Dr. Norman F. Childers and Dr. Paul M. Lyrene of the University of Florida Horticultural Sciences Department, it is the most up-to-date text available on Vaccinium sp.

Blueberries are the crop of the future and no grower or prospective investor should be without this valuable resource. It is also written in a manner which makes it useful for the home gardener. Topic covered include: Botany, Climate, Frost Protection, Genetics, Breeding, Propagation, Pruning, Soil Management, Disease, Regional Growing (USA), Growing in other countries (UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, S. Africa, Chile, and Argentina)

266 pages, richly illustrated with color photographs.

This text is being offered at $50 + $8 Shipping and Handling for United States orders or $30 Shipping and Handling for International orders.
*A 20% Discount is offered on orders of 10 or more copies

Send US check or International money order from U.S. Bank Branch in US dollars.
Payable to Dr. Norman F. Childers Publications at the address below:

Dr. Norman F. Childers Publications
3906 NW 31 Place
Gainesville, FL 32606

Phone 1-888-501-8822
FAX (352)392-5653
email: norm1029@aol.com

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