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An Apparent Relation of Nightshades(Solanaceae) to Arthritis

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Arthritis- Childers' Diet That Stops It- with scientific research and case histories it brings to light the link between the nightshades, aging, and ill health.

Arthritis-Free Cooking- hints on how to follow the Childers' Diet, how to substitute for the nightshades, how to adapt favorite recipes, and how to eat out.  

Horticultural Texts by Dr. Childers:
Modern Fruit Science- the "bible" of the fruit industry, widely used in college and technical school classrooms around the world with students and gardeners both complimenting the book for it�s easy reading and complete coverage.

The Peach - World Cultivars to Marketing- the most comprehensive guide available with information from over 200 world experts covering all aspects of peach production.

The Strawberry - Modern Production Techniques New 2003 Edition!

Blueberry Culture and Science copies available