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These are typical of the thousands of letters we have received (totaling well over 30,000) since the start of the tests in 1975.  Our Cooperators total well over 10,000 as of 1999, of which about 72% are showing different degrees of positive response, varying from obvious to miraculous.  Where cooperators are not getting a positive response, this is believed to be due to (a) not really being rigidly on the Diet (b) overmedication (c) not understanding the Diet from the outset (d) not really wanting to give up these foods in the first place (e) an over-shadowing of other health problems (f) not staying with the Diet long enough to get results based on their initial condition.  Where we have had local contact and guidance with cooperators, and they are rigidly on the Diet, we have yet to see anyone who has not responded positively and many of them markedly.  Our last survey showed cooperators rigidly on the Diet getting 94% freedom from aches and pains.
As indicated elsewhere on the Foundation's publications and Newsletters, it has been found that certain pesticides can create a problem.  Milk, dairy products, eggs, margarine, and possibly sugar must be minimized or moderated, in addition to completely avoiding the nightshades. 
The files of our cooperator letters are open to responsible researchers who may wish to study correlations or contribute to our knowledge of how the nightshades and other foods are affecting human health.

Dr. Art Thompson, PhD.- College Park, Maryland
Anna Nann
- La Canada, California
Patricia Ann Franklin- Strongsville, Ohio
Gordon Gamble- Morristown, New Jersey
Sandra Brown- Nampa, Idaho
Kathryn Sahrbeck- Bradenton, Florida
Melanie F. Craffey- New Milford, New Jersey
Phyllis J. Richard- Mesa, Arizona
Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D.- Sarasota, Florida

Helen Dalakar- Chicago, Illinios
Celeste Obermiller- Stuart, Florida
Barbara Yannatti- Bethesda, Maryland
Marion K. Palmer- Ellenton, Florida
Edith Kaplan -Sarasota, Florida
Darleen Dannenberg -Hagerstown, Maryland
Peter Marsden -Easingwold, Yorks, England 
Pearl Greenberg- Union, New Jersey